The General Daniel Newnan Chapter, NSDAR, was the ambition of Mrs. Sara Beams.  When she moved to Coweta County, she found that the Sara Dickinson Chapter, organized in 1903, had been disbanded in 1957.  As an active member of NSDAR in another state, she began the process of starting a chapter locally.

On January 18, 1986, nine members of NSDAR and interested persons met with State Officers at Mrs. Beams home to organize a chapter in Newnan, Georgia. 

Coweta County Courthouse

The Chapter was named for General Daniel Newnan, an outstanding Georgia statesman who served in the War of 1812.  
General Newnan commanded the Georgia volunteers as Captain of the Militia in two actions with the East Florida Indians in the Fall of 1812.  After the war, he resided on his plantation near McDonough, Georgia, and in November 1813 General Newnan was made Brigadier General.  In January 1814, he was given a vote of thanks by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia for the courage, patriotism and fortitude manifested in his service against the Creek Indians.  In 1817, he was commissioned as Major General of the State Militia. 

In 1825, he was elected to the office of Secretary of State of Georgia and elected to the U.S. Congress, serving from March 1831 to March 1833. 

General Newnan died in Walker County, Georgia, on January 16, 1851 and was buried at Newnan Springs near Rossville, Georgia. 

(Information taken from Coweta County Chronicles - 1928 edition.)

On October 10, 1986, the General Daniel Newnan Chapter NSDAR was officially chartered with thirty members. 

Coweta Courthouse